Pirate Produce

A tale of a family attempting to live a sustainable, and self-sufficient life.
In the middle of Silicon Valley. 


Contributing to healthy a future for humanity and the planet.
Live sustainably. Eat healthy. Act locally. Fruitful fellowship.


We harvest year-round, produce, herbs, and fish for our family and close community. Our aquaponics system combines growing fish and plants together in a balanced ecosystem. Much of our harvest is turned into preserves, and other tasty treats, that we make available from time to time. 

Pirates empower people of all ages, with knowledge of where food comes from, and participate in the process of growing thier own food.

The Pirate Produce journey

 Sundown and Smiley

Sundown and Smiley

My name is Sundown Hazen, Captain of the Santa Ynez, and founder of Pirate Produce. I am passionate about growing food and contributing to health and sustainability of his local community. This venture is the culmination of my vision. My interests stem from growing up in Colorado on 10-acres with a 1/4-acre garden and raising ducks for eggs, and turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. I gained knowledge and experience with trail building and tree trimming with the California Conservation Corps in Santa Cruz, California. In 2004, I graduated from SJSU with a Bachelors of Fine Art in digital media. From 2004 to 2014, I work at a local Apple store, where I have lived and breathed customer service.

2012, I captured parts of our journey as from when we first purchased our house. The house Jennifer grew up in. There is a really big back yard that became the canvas for culmination of my life experiences. Our journey towards self-sufficiency through regenerative design. 

I left Apple to co-found SchoolGrown, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable community-scale agriculture that provides healthy food options while demonstrating and teaching resource conservation. Now that the organization and the first school aquaponics greenhouse is up and growing, I am launching into the next chapter of our journey.

Currently, I am using my backyard to grow fruits and vegetables traditionally, raise chickens and turkeys, and raise fish and produce in an aquaponics system. You can see the progress on this venture by visiting our blog, and by liking our Facebook page. The current harvest contributes a large portion of my family's fresh produce. Excess is shared with our friends and extended family. As the production expands,we would like to bring live root produce and preserves to market. 

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