I have a lot to say

Cliff jumping near Iron Canyon Reservoir 

Cliff jumping near Iron Canyon Reservoir 

I have a lot to say, and am passionate about my opinions. This website is being developed to capture, and share life from our perspective. The website content and design will be under constant development, as we are able to dedicate time to it. 

You can decide for yourself, and I am completely biased. I think you will find that all four of our wonderful and amazing daughters are pure gold for entertainment. Pirate Produce was started in 2014, as part of  our efforts to participate in the local economy, and practice self-sufficient living. This summer, Jennifer and I have been working on making changes in our family's health and wealth. We are starting to see positive results! You may find the lessons from our stories entertaining or useful. Resources will be added to share the sources we learn from. 

Here are some topics I will be discussing and sharing:

  • Politics
  • Religion and faith
  • Family and relationships
  • Community
  • Homesteading
  • Food
  • Technology

Are you ready for the journey?